Friday, August 1, 2008


I make potholders. My mother-in-law has the first ones I made; the first Christmas we were married. Made from 2 sizes of yellow gingham sewn into a 9-patch. She is careful and neat and her potholders look used but not ... USED, if you know what I mean. Hers and my first ones were made with 2 layers of a thrift store baby blanket. I USE mine and this is what one of my first ones looks like; it was made,years after the yellow gingham 9-patch and looks about 10 years older.

I remember deciding to make it when I realized I had black double wide bias tape and I couldn't figure out anything else to use it for.

I saved old towels and kept them cut in my sewing area for stray children to make potholders; I modified the design after finding out children didn't sew on bias tape very easily.

I helped the 10-12 year old girls at church make them. I helped all my children make them and helped their friends make them as part of play dates.

This is my newest one, made by my then 10 year old in 2005. He was a Webelo and I had 5 9-11 year old boys spend 3 meetings sewing these for their mothers.
Jeffrey wants me to repair this and make it EXACTLY like it was before it got burned.

I considered putting this under finished projects but realized it is not a finished project any longer; these are definitely due for a remake.

Stay tuned...I'll commence repairing them as a tutorial next week when the good camera gets back from a campout.

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Liz said...

Looks like only the purples bits burned-why would Jeffrey care?