Tuesday, October 21, 2008

monday's quilt

This is Monday's quilt post. What can I say? I got distracted and did a recipe and then had no time to do the quilt post. Have I mentioned that I like Irish Chains? I did? Well if you don't want me to post pictures of Irish Chains you will have to complain. I organized a class and swap in about 1994. We all used the same black and exchanged rows of the block. It made making a scrap chain easy. Gathering all the brights was a struggle for me since I didn't have much money to spend and hardly any in my stash. I found a boutique in Galveston that was making and selling broomstick skirts and selling the scraps in bags. I bought. I pieced many of my strips and soon had my quota of brights.

It's almost worth it to get a long-arm to finish this quilt. (Okay, not really.)

Tomorrow I'll have to show you what I've been up to when I'm not putting together shelves, and sorting and washing fabric.
Remember all that fabric my friend gave me? She wanted to give it to someone who would use it before it dry rotted in her attic. I'm pretty sure it was a good idea; I found 1 piece of a solid black that HAD dry-rotted. The boys thought it was pretty cool to be able to rip many layers of fabric at once.

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Carolyn said...

BEAUTIFUL quilt, Laurie! I'm glad you were able to save alot of the fabric and it had not all dry rotted. That would have made me sick! You amaze me at all of your lovely work. :) We NEED to get together soon!

Carolyn :)