Tuesday, October 21, 2008

halloween vs christmas

I read a mother's blog today that said she was trying to get her Halloween decoration display as big as her Christmas one. It makes me wonder if she thought about it at all. As we are raising children we would like to have what we say be BIG when really what we do tells the kids what we value. 
  • Do we really want Halloween to as big as Christmas?
  • What is Halloween? a fun day where kids get to dress up and get candy. 
  • What is Christmas? A religious holiday where we celebrate the most important birth of all time.  
  • Could we possibly not blur the lines and celebrate the 2 days the same? Lets keep Halloween a simple fun day for kids without making it a month long spree of decorating and gifts.
Ah well, that's my soapbox but I have a hard time toeing the line too. 


Micha said...

It's a good distinction. I guess for my part I see Halloween as being more appropriate for gifts and silliness than Christmas. It's my hope that Christmas, while I do decorate and plan activities, will have more of a spiritual emphasis than materialistic one.

For both holidays, I have quite a few decorations, but they are things we've made and probably don't constitute a "big" decor so much as "upcycling". Who has room to store that much stuff anyway?

Ms. Porter said...

I like to decorate our home seasonally, it's fun for the kids and I enjoy it too. BUT I don't feel there is any comparison between Christmas and Halloween. Your faith is much deeper than mine, (BTW I respect that very much) and I won't lie to you and say that Christmas in our home is hugely spiritual BUT it is defnitely more so than Halloween...how could it not be? My first thought was that Halloween isn't the type of holiday that families join together to celebrate unless it's for a Halloween party or to trick or treat type thing, but it's not like Christmas. BIG was most likely not the right choice of words.
Just another thought, I'm sort of hoping that with the current economic troubles that people will go back to simpler times.

Tanya said...

We all know that Halloween is one of the most popular holidays – second only to Christmas.