Friday, October 17, 2008

mom's cushion

Tuesday I made Mom a cover for her kitchen chair cushion. She changes her tablecloths to suit the season and her blue and white cushion didn't go very well with her orange, black, brown fall tablecloth I'd made her several years ago. So she gave me the measurements over the phone and I made this. I quickly stuffed some folded pieces of fabric in it so it wouldn't look bad; but it still does. She tells me it fits her cushion and looks great with her table. It ties in the front and back to keep it in place better. Do you suppose she'll want one for each tablecloth now? Oh, well it uses up a zipper!
Can anyone tell me how to paint that ugly chair? I think it is so dry that the paint will just chip off so I've neglected to pursue the project. 

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Micha said...

That looks like a great chair.

You'd probably want to sand it a little and then use a primer like Kilz or Bulls Eye 123 (my preference). That stuff is amazing and will make paint adhere to pretty much any surface known to man.