Saturday, October 18, 2008

halloween entry

Before my surgery I pulled a couple of Halloween items out cause I didn't think I'd feel up to it later. I thought my first display looked a little lame so today I tweaked it a little.
aaah I think this is a little better. (Frankie is a doll I made for Reed when he was little ...for some reason I thought he'd think a Halloween decoration would be cool to have. I have one cut out for Brian; never have sewn it. The ceramic pumpkin I bought as greenware then cleaned and glazed it in 1981; after Halloween I turn it around so the face is unseen and display it until after Thanksgiving. The bat fabric I found this morning at WalMart; the orange was in the fabric my friend gave me this month.)
Ive caught a cold and have been miserable for 2 days now. Every time I have a coughing fit I pray; 'Thank-you for keeping me well until my stomach healed 'cause I would be in tears if I'd coughed like this right after the surgery.'

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