Tuesday, October 14, 2008


How many of you love Mother of Pearl buttons? I bet all ya'll are raising your hands. Today I stopped at our local thrift store, the one I seldom go to cause they NEVER have sales, and they had ALL their summery clothes for .50 an item! I need to remember to check them out the middle of October every year. I found these beautiful, thick, large (the fish is about 1" across) buttons on a rayon dress; the dress was too small, but I forked over the .50 anyway so I could have these animals; a fish, bear and elephant.

So what would you do with them? 


Micha said...

I'd probably stick them in with my collection until the inevitable moment where the perfect project surfaced :) So so cute!

Mel said...

Mother... I am sooo confused, is that a blow fish? I thought it was packman with tiny mouth.. are you sure it is a fish?