Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is where I went yesterday. I was thinking of all the people that have praised this store, friends and family, over the years; wishing you were with me. Ikea has a way of displaying things that make them look chic; the same thing in my house looks a bit ...well less than chic, actually it looks cheap. True, I only have 1 shelf up and it is empty but when I have it filled with fabric it will look chic too; right?
The joke around here is that I had to spend $400 to put the free fabric my friend gave me.  Actually I've been wanting to get rid of my hodge podge in the sewing room for awhile and this was the catalyst to get me going. 
You know how much work it is to clean an area so that you can move stuff to it so you can move the shelf, dresser and rubbermaids so that I can put the sleves up and reoganize all my fabric/sewing stuff. Yuk. And Roger and the boys are always busy so it's me doing it. And I'm slow.

These are the gorgeous play dishes that Ikea has. I loved them but didn't think Tyler would appreciate them as much.
If I was computer savvy I could post the pictures of the push toy I almost bought me the grandchildren. Since I'm not, you can click on the link and go there yourself. They have a train and a truck and stuffies and did I mention the dishes?

Aaack! I give up! I've been trying to arrange the pictures with text under them but it is beyond me this morning....

Hope you have a good day...I'm going to go move some STUFF.

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Ms. Porter said...

I need to tidy and reorganize my craft/laundry room...it's such a big job and without proper shelving feels even more challenging!