Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hernia vs gall bladder

I thought a hernia repair would be very simple... I certainly expected to have less pain with it than with the gall bladder removal that I experienced in May...  Today is day 6 and I wouldn't dream of going to the mall which I did on day 4 after the gall bladder. I went most of the day without pain medicine yesterday and was okay as long as I chose to do sitting things...computer, reading, sorting papers, knitting (I'm working on a spider)... I found folding clothes too hard since you end up turning side to side a great deal. 
So it is less painful to have an organ removed than to repair a muscle.

Dinner for me was a salad. at 4. I was starving by 9 which is when I went to bed...then up 10-2 but I managed to eat ...nothing.

I've been frustrated since I have so many started projects; the sewing room is packed so I'm working on the biggest one now... pictures soon.


Liz said...

wish i was there... or closer to there.. you know close enough to come but not by getting in a car than a bus than a plane maybe even a train and another plane.

Ms. Porter said...

you've sure been through alot over the past few months....but always a great attitude. all those started projects will get completed...and in the meantime you will start a whole bunch of other new projects i'm sure!