Saturday, September 20, 2008

ike food

So I'm sure you're interested in what I cooked while at Camp Ike. 
  • The first day we really did live on banana bread. 
  • We had individual containers of chicken spaghetti I had frozen for Roger's lunches that got dumped in the fry pan and heated up for dinner. 
  • We had leftover bean dip to eat, one of my kids favorites. 
  • Chili; to use up the ground turkey.
  • The biggest hit was bacon. I don't normally have bacon but there was some left over from a campout and so had wonderful artery clogging bacon. What a treat for me.
  • Chicken and cheese sausage links; easy to cook and serve just wrapped in a piece of home made bread.
  • Smoked turkey and crackers.
  • Homemade macaroni and cheese; I dumped all the bits and dabs of cheese I'd found in the freezer.
  • Uncooked cookies; yes I really did cook cookies. The boys were really working hard and I had butter, oats, and chocolate chips, so why not? I should have some unmeltable candy in the 72 hour kits as the kids needed some sweets. (granola bars were available but they just didn't sound very good.)
  • We had eggs to eat so we had scrambled eggs one morning then
  • Omelets with smoked turkey and leftover cheese sauce from the mac and cheese another morning then
  • a new Jewish egg dish I'd read about;Matzah Brei I wasn't crazy about it but I'll have to try it again since Andrew had 3 servings of it! The above link is the recipe I followed but from a cookbook.
  • Barbecued chicken with green beans. We did not eat enough fruits and vegetables since we had so much meat from the freezer to use.

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