Sunday, September 21, 2008

a tree and a rope

Camp Ike Fun

Do you wonder what your kids would do without any electronic devises? No television or computers? Mine found plenty to do with just a rope and a tree. 
  • The first day I found the older one tying up the younger one; often repeated during the week
  • Using the boyscout manual for pioneering they used the barrel hitch to suspend our water cooler in the tree. (The tree is a Bald Cyprus that is very tall and impossible to climb with out a ladder or a rope; it is 11 feet 4 inches to the bottom branch.)
  • Made a 'swing' that they could lift themselves up in the tree.
  • Made an 'elevator' to pull each other or themselves up the tree using a rock climbing harness. Jeffrey pulled Andrew up but then Jeffrey had to pull himself up since Andrew wasn't strong enough.
  • After dark we lit a dozen candles and played; Murder in the Dark
  • Bang (a card game we like)
  • Apples to Apples
  • They both spent time reading 'The Vampire Books'; Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.
  • and they worked and worked and worked.

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Angela said...

Sounds great, I really like the pictures!