Saturday, September 20, 2008

fall quilts

So what do you do when it is suddenly cool enough to get on the roof?

I send my kids up there and threw up all the quilts I don't have digital pictures of yet. Who cares if there is yard work to do? Branches to cut down and get on the curb for these guys to pick up?

Last fall I did a posting of fall quilts. This one did not get in. I have 2 quilts that I got at a garage sale in Baytown about 20 years ago. I paid $60 @. The woman who made them had Alzheimers and couldn't tell me about it but her sister told me that she had made them before her marriage and that she had lived in North-East TX. She moved to Baytown soon after her marraige and so the quilts never got used. They are very heavy quilts and I think the backs are a rough narrow woven gingham homespun. the quilting thread is heavy also. I figure they were made about 1928. 

I get them out every fall and drape them over the arms of my couch in the living room. They never get used but I've still had to mend one of them.

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