Friday, September 19, 2008


So what did we do right? 
  • We froze blocks of ice which kept our 4 coolers cold for several days. Two of our coolers are super; they kept the ice for over 4 days.
  • We had plenty of batteries
  • We had LED flashlights that strapped to our heads.
  • I cleaned the fridge 2 weeks ago so it wasn't as gross as it could have been
  • The cars were full of gas
  • I baked banana bread which we ate alot of on Saturday
  • Jeffrey did all the laundry on Thursday
  • Andrew bakced 2 loaves of bread on Friday.
  • Covered the coolers with added insulation; our down comforter.
  • Had some leftovers in the freezer that made cooking the first 2 days a breeze.
  • Had a smoked turkey in the freezer. Last hurricane (Katrina) we had a raw turkey in the freezer that we cooked at our friend's house. Having one of those might have been a wee bit difficult to cook on a camp stove.
  • Had lots of trash bags.
What we should have done:
  • Defrosted the freezer before hurricane season started ; there was quit a mess on the laundry room floor as the freezer defrosted. (I was waiting for cooler weather)
  • Checked and made sure the drains were closed on the coolers; another mop job and the down comforter needs cleaning!
  • Needed a good mop.
  • Fix the chain saw before hurricane season.
  • Had clear leaf bags.
  • Get a mumu; so I'm not tempted to stay in my nightgown simply because it's the coolest thing I own.
We did real well but then we didn't have a disaster on our hands like some did. Having the weather cool off saved us; actually we would have left after the hurricane if the weather had stayed as hot as it was Saturday and Sunday. We were packed and ready to leave Monday morning but it wasn't necessary.


Ms. Porter said...

I've already expressed to you how glad I am you were all safe and well. PS-make yourself a mumu or something similar, just to wear on days when you feel like staying in you jammies but can't!!!

Danielson Family said...

I'm glad you all survived and didn't have if as bad as it could have been. Thanks for the tips for the future too!