Tuesday, August 5, 2008

new projects

I have been thinking and gathering the stuff I need to start some new projects.

Yes, I'm going to make paper again. I hope we can find the old deckle Roger made us years ago. Did you know that there is a merit badge for the Boy Scout's of America about paper? So since EVERY boy Scout in our troop wants to make paper I'm going to start again saving every teeny tiny scrap of fabric I can get. Here Jeffrey has cut up some denim scraps into 1/2 x 1/2 inch squares.

Every year I make my Dad a new dishcloth since he washes all the dishes at my parents home but this year it will be knit out of hemp. Isn't that a manly fiber? It should last practically forever so Granddad will not be washing dishes with holey rags. I hope this makes 2 'cause I'd like to try it out too.

I also ordered templates to help me get going on a quilt similar to this that Liz wants for her wedding quilt. Time is running out...I need to get going on this and I hoped the templates would give me an incentive to get going.
I also bought a book on how to knit socks. Roger thinks I'm nuts but I want to figure it out; So look out children your Mom is knitting socks! (You will wear them, right?)

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