Monday, August 4, 2008

cheese blintz

I remember cutting a cheese blintz recipe out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine about 30 years ago. I'm sure if I went through my files I would find several recipes for them, they sounded so good but I never made them. I made them yesterday; I guess Mars was aligned with Neptune or something. I didn't even look for the recipe, I read one a week ago and sort of made that one...

Cheese Blintz
Make crepes; I used a recipe that had 2 Tablespoons powdered sugar
Make filling;
put into the bowl of your food processor;
4 oz ricotta cheese (I had some leftover from making this recipe; stuffed roma tomatoes.)
4 oz fat-free cottage cheese
1 egg
3 heaping Tablespoons powdered sugar
a bit of salt
and 3 Tablespoons cream cheese (more or less will work-I just had a tad left over from making stuffed peppers Saturday)
process until smooth.

Traditionally (this is a Jewish recipe) these were folded into an envelope sort of and then fried. I baked ours and then served them with strawberries. Yummy.
Next time I'll add some lemon juice and more cream cheese.

This morning I had the 3 leftover with raspberry jam on them...

I have long loved the cheese filled Danish but there was never enough cheese. This is the cheese with no Danish around to spoil it.
Andrew with Excalibur the fork.

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Liz said...

looks delicious. wish i was there... actually anywhere... just not sick.. my throat is burning.