Thursday, July 24, 2008

zipper bags

This is the 'bag' I wanted to make with the doll zipper. I cut a 7" zipper to 4" and made this for my grandson's 'pocket.' He's 4 and this is to help him keep track of some of his things. Blue is his favorite color and his initials are T.S. actually so are his brothers so he can hand it down if his needs outgrow the 4X4 size. Actually I'm thinking a portable pocket might help my 11 year old. If things are put in this then pens won't end up in the washer.
The long thin bag I made for my make-up before my trip to Denver this year. Since I'd never made this before I had no idea a square would end up so long and thin. It looks like I should put a bottle of wine in there. It is lined with a pair of checkered pants I bought from the thrift store cause they were 100% cotton gingham. (They also gave me a short white zipper that I get to figure out how to use... any one need a bag?)

So, I'm down to 67 zippers since the blue one wasn't counted in the 68.
I found 2 more zippers while cleaning the sewing it's 69.

Hey, Jeffrey is cleaning the whole living room carpet, unasked!

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