Thursday, July 24, 2008


12 years ago I made some lovely curtains for Jeffrey's room. They were cute. They were Noah's ark. They are no longer hanging. They would rather have no curtains than those cute ones. I was going to get a new curtain rod since the old one broke..(I wonder how THAT happened?) but my car is broke too.
The doves (there ARE 2) were the tie-backs for their curtain. So cute, rarely used; usually hidden by their curtain. I think the next curtains will more easily open and be solid colored and ageless. I'm thinking blue since I don't want to repaint their shelves...oh you haven't seen their shelves?

The were cut out by their Dad and painted cute by me. (Nothing like tooting your own horn.) I'll have to post them but maybe you'll understand that they are in a boy's room. They are not usually seen. The boy's may WANT to straighten them up before the camera arrives. That may take a couple of HOURS.

Then I have a baby quilt and a twin quilt that coordinates with the curtains....

I feel another post coming....

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Liz said...

You are really good at painting. Maybe you should paint a picture.. that would be cool.