Thursday, July 24, 2008

thrift store

My car overheated. On my way home from the gym. I got punished for going to the gym... not really but after filling the radiator with water I stopped on my way to the car shop at a local thrift store and these are the things I got;
  • this is the second Noah's Ark I've gotten from this thrift store; I paid double for this one..$6.00. Andrew is holding the bird by a thread...his idea. So which of my grandsons gets this?
  • The pretty basket was $.50 I think I NEED a collection of these pretty woven clay things.
  • 12 wooden spools of thread for $.10@.
Not bad for a ten minute stop.

When I got back the boys spilled the first purple grape juice I have bought in years. On. our. white. carpet.


Liz said...

Carter calls Deps.

Liz said...

hey so which grandson got it??

Laurie said...

It's just waiting...for a grandson to come take it away.