Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what I missed

Most of you know that I was in California for 3 WEEKS! a long time to be gone and I couldn't have stayed so long if my boys hadn't come for the last 2 weeks of the time. My job was mainly relief for the weary mom ... and dad and being chief cook. So here are some of the things I missed:

This is a new gizmo to me. While in Denver I used one that my Dad had bought (My 80 something dad went shopping for and found this at a Bed, Bath and Beyond. I would have said my dad had never been in a Bed, Bath and Beyond in his life I know my husband hadn't until Saturday night.) I loved it so went and bought one as soon as I got home. My Dad likes it well enough to clean it, by hand, every day. I love it because it comes clean in the dishwasher and....

...it chops the onion up so small and even. I've also used it for red peppers; I don't think tomatoes would work in it. But I chop an onion almost every night so it's worth the almost $20.00 I spent. It is almost like I can chop an onion, some garlic, even red peppers and THEN decide what I'm cooking for dinner. Maybe I'm in a rut...

This is called a 'garlic twist.' I LOVE love love garlic but hate hate hate cleaning garlic presses. I've had this for a few years and it works like a dream...although at times I need to use some no slip carpet pad squares to keep my hands from slipping on the plastic. The garlic smooshes great and it gets clean in the dishwasher!

Notice my 3 heat tolerant rubber spatula's! I missed having so many nice spatulas. Melissa had one (that I'd gotten her) but the way I cook I need MORE.

Not a very long list and I loved loved being there the weather was great the family was great.

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Liz said...

THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I have tried to find this garlic thing before.. but without the correct name it was impossible.. now I can order one. Thanks mom.. and maybe I can get the onion thing too. but of course I will be waiting a little while before I order either.