Thursday, July 31, 2008

where was I?

Where was I when it became okay to show your bra straps in public? Where was I when it became okay to wear you pajamas to the airport? I know, I know you wish I'd post pictures of the offenders but I won't. I still think it's crass to do either.
Honestly while at Universal Studios Amusement park I saw hundreds of bra straps. It must be a fashion I missed. One lady did have straps that coordinated with her top; burgundy straps along the hot pink of her spaghetti strap top made me think she'd thought about her straps as a fashion accessory.
I have noticed the addition of wide belts to tops at church among the hip this young people. I noticed one of those at the park... I started sweating just looking at that skin tight 4 inch wide black shiny plastic strip around her midriff, otherwise she would have been cool in her white shorts and white peasant style blouse (I'm sure the belt was necessary since she had on black flipflops and the belt tied the 2 colors together.)
I also saw a couple ladies wearing HIGH HEELS! ARe they nuts? Walking all day. in the heat. on concrete. in Heels? So what if they match your shorts. Did they not get the memo that low heels are more comfortable? Are there people out there that actually are comfortable in High heels? There must be.
Finally I've seen sloppy pajama pants many times in public but I actually saw what looked like a lady woman in her baby doll pajamas at the airport. I think she thought it was a dress but that short and that sheer made it look like pajamas to me. She was going to need a blanket to keep from freezing on the airplane.

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