Wednesday, July 23, 2008

62 zippers

Today I hunted for a small doll zipper I bought, probably 20 years ago. It was so cute I knew I'd use it someday. Today was the day; actually tomorrow would have been the day. I hunted but found 'only' 62 other zippers...none of them the tiny doll one I wanted. How did I get so many zippers?
  • Some I bought for an aborted project.
  • Some I inherited them from my Grandmother.
  • Some I inherited them from friends' grandmother...'cause they knew I sewed and they didn't want them... and surely I could use them.
  • Sometimes a friend cleaned out her sewing stuff and gave me the zippers she knew she would NEVER use. Guess what? I haven't used them either.
  • Some I may have bought a few on speculation...meaning they were insanely cheap ($.10 @) and I would probably make a purple dress that needs a 16 inch zipper someday.
  • Some I've bought at thrift stores; as I rip up dresses, pants, and skirts the wool (that I also have no REAL use for) I pick out the zipper and save it with it's 50 or so odd cousins I have in my FULL zipper box.
Now, I need to come up with ways to use up this embarrassment of zippers. Mary Englebret's magazine a month or 2 ago had a couple really ugly things made with zippers; sewn edge to edge to make a throw and upholstered a stool... Not what I'm looking for.

Any ideas out there?

Lynn, jewelry made of the zippers is out..I may be crazy but not that crazy.

Wait! I bought 6 more while in California; to use when I slip cover my new couch. That's 68 zippers!


Anonymous said...

I loved making the jewelry with the zippers but think I should have put rezin on them to make them endure forever. what do you think?

Liz said...

Have you ever seen those zipper bags that are made with one really really long zipper? Those are cool.. but I don't think you could make one with 62 zippers..