Sunday, July 13, 2008

bean dip

We leave for San Diego in the morning and I wanted Melissa to have enough to eat without cooking; so I fixed my bean dip that would feed the cavalry. I noticed that I have posted 39 quilt posts and 37 recipe posts.... you can tell I don't know if this is a quilting blog or a food blog. Here's another recipe:
Bean Dip
in a dutch oven fry an onion, diced
add about 1-1 1/2 lbs ground turkey (or beef if you're not watching your cholesterol)
add some garlic after the meat is almost done since garlic doesn't need long to cook (or add powdered garlic)
add a can of diced or crushed tomatoes
2-3 cans of refried beans
add seasoning; chili powder, tobasco, cumin or a package of taco seasoning.
1 can of green chilis, drained
heat through
add whatever cheese you like or have on hand-tonight it was Monterrey jack and cheddar- not a lot to stir in, save some to put on top. melt.
add sour cream (I'm so exact here....) but don't boil it now
put it in your serving dish, sprinkle cheese on top.
serve with chips.

All my kids like this as long as I don't add mushrooms which I love in it. I have made this for years and of course I don't always have all the ingredients. So I substituted plain yogurt for the sour cream, even blended cottage cheese; used black beans that I mashed myself, used salsa instead of tomatoes.

I prefer eating this with my chips crumbled on plate, the bean dip on top and a big salad on top of it all and eat it with a fork. The kids prefer eating it like ....... well like bean dip.

Boys went on a hike to the beach where a ship has washed ashore, Melissa called it the shipwreck hike.
I held a baby, when I got tired of that I burped and changed the baby. I cooked and sewed 4 pages of Austins book together. I am so glad I came., It's cool to see the boy's reaction to a baby. Jeffrey looks for him as soon as he gets back and holds him and plays with him. Andrew is more hesitate to hold him but is definitely paying attention and has said how cool his tiny fingernails are

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Liz said...

We made homemade bean dip. With the Slow Cooker.. 1 lb of pintos.. 1 Large onion.