Thursday, July 17, 2008

san diego

We haven't had time to download any photos from Sand Diego yet. Here I am to report though.
We spent the first day at the Wild Animal Park; ironically the boy's favorite exhibit was a show aabout millions of bubbles. They even had exploding bubbles.
Then we went to a friend's house. Thank you Nancy. The boy's took Eric's wave board and was able to show their friend how to ride it. It's so cool you need to see it in action here.
The second day we went to 'Old Town' and saw a Mormon Battelion exhibit (very small but on a hilltop with a great view and quiet and pretty.) We went to a beach and a light house then stopped at the San Diego temple grounds before heading back to L.A.


Michelle said...

I love this picture.

Liz said...

cool, cool. I wish I could hang out too!