Wednesday, July 23, 2008

bacon wrapped thingys

Since we were on VACATION (or yes, we're home now) I cut loose (yeah for bacon -out of our diet for about ..forever and sausage!) in the kitchen. I made the bacon-wrapped jalopeno thingy's of Ree's. Oh, wow these are so good. I changed her recipe only slightly;
instead of looking for small peppers we looked for
  • the biggest
  • with a more rounded shaped tip
since we were looking for the mildest peppers we could find. I donned rubber gloves and very carefully took ALL the seeds and ribs out. They were yummy. They were mild, I couldn't tell they were jalopeno's at all. The adults all LOVED them; I ate 3 I could have eaten 10. I could have handled a little heat there even. Andrew even liked it...Jeffrey didn't eat one..the pansy!

I noticed on Ree's post today on how to cut a pineapple that she added a sliver of pineapple to these...Melissa will have to try it with the half pound of bacon I left in CA.

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Liz said...

We had some at the Blessing Luncheon.. so good.