Monday, May 5, 2008


I've had a busy week. I spent a couple of days reorganizing my live so I could leave for a few days. Exactly 3 days. What a lot of work for so little visiting time. It was great though and I'm glad I went. First I flew to Salt Lake City and rented a car to get me down to my sister's. The last coupple of years we had not managed to meet even though I had been to Utah several times. After a 3 hour drive I reached Annabella... (note to self check out the route with a person, not just google maps...I went the slower way)
I enjoyed our chef salad and visit with her friend. Jim's cows have calves and a house was on fire in their town. It was a derelict and was being burned as an exercise by the fire department; of course the whole town went to watch the fire and we had to take the long way to the cemetery.
The next morning I got up and drove to SLC to meet Liz and Carter and attend Eddie's wedding. The wedding went well and we got to visit with our good friends. The wedding took place in the SLC Temple and then we were invited to the family lunch at The Lion House, then 2 hours later the reception in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
I hesitated to go since as the Mother of the bride 5 years ago I did not feel like I got to visit with Mary much. This wedding was so different than Melissa's; first of all I wasn't in charge and second there were all of Eddie's siblings to visit with. We had a great time and then we got to go visit with Roger's folks for the night and a bit in the morning before we cought our flight to Houston Wednesday morning. Liz and Carter came home with me and we were planning on having a great time but I got sick and am just recovering and she leaves in a day! Oh well it's been nice to hang out at home with her.


Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Hey Laurie-
It's fun to get on your blog and see what you are up to. sounds like a fun trip to Utah. Carter is so cute. I saw your husband enjoying him at the church meeting Sat. night. Sorry you were sick.

Mel said...

Hi momma,

Eddie is so cute.. goofy I mean... :) I wish I could have been there, but Little Austin is worth all the sacrifice :)

Wish you had more pics of Liz's visit, I like the picture of Pops with Carter.

Liz said...

Thanks for having me. I wish we lived closer!