Wednesday, April 23, 2008

andrew's poem

Andrew chose and memorized this poem for school.

The Sure-Footed Shoe Finder
By Andrea Perry

How many times has this happened to you?
You’re late for the school bus and can’t find a shoe.
It might take you hours unless you have got
The sure-footed shoe-finder there on the spot

Just lift up the lever and open the gate,
Then toss in the shoe that’s missing it’s mate
With a beep and a clang and a stagger and lurch,
The shoe finder’s off on it’s shoe finding search.

The powerful foot-odor sensitive vent
Tracks down your sneaker by matching it’s scent
And mere seconds later the shoe is retrieved
You won’t miss the school bus,
Now aren’t you relieved?

Most of our customer’s happy to choose
Our standard shoe model for footwear they lose,
Although the new Jumbo shoe-finder can trace
even those snowboots you children misplace!

Did you know that you can buy cd playing shoes?
How about a shoe table?
and here's a shoe you can ride in.
While looking at shoes I found this strange 'viper' made from keyboards.


Annie said...

Cute poem! Thanks for posting this. I will have to share it with my kids.

Liz said...

interesting pictures.. love the poem.