Monday, May 12, 2008


I think I'm on the road to having my gallbladder out. At least that is my diagnosis; I wish the doctors would hurry up and figure it out. First
  1. Visited with my primary care doctor
  2. Then went for a sonogram
  3. Next a visit with a specialist
  4. Then a bunch of stool samples were required
  5. Today I had a CT scan
  6. Tomorrow an 'upper GI'
So maybe my diagnosis will be soon. Meanwhile I have a perpetual back ache, made worse when I exercise or sew. And I have to be careful about what I eat. Very few fats; I found that a Tablespoon of ice-cream gives me a stomach ache; I can handle a couple of cookies but no more than 2, one piece of cake is to much but I can handle one bite of cheesecake. I had 2 tiny pork ribs while Liz was here and that wasn't on my diet either. By the time the doctors figure out what is wrong I'll have my 'avoid-gallbladder-pain-diet' figured out. The silver lining to all this is a lost of 10 pounds.


Ms. Porter said...

sounds like gallbladder. my mom just had hers out before xmas. apparently, it can be somewhat difficult to diagnose. i've also learned that it is often hereditary...all the women in my family for four generations have had it out...i'm next on the list. knock on wood i have never experienced any problems so far.

Sarah said...

I've been having Gallbladder problems for 10 years and I'm only 33. I have tried many natural ways to clear them. Some of them were not so pleasant. I won't go into the details. However, I have been using a "new" herbal cleanser that dissolves and flushes the stones. I am not a distributer or anything. It's just something that I have found that actually works. The web site is I just wanted to give you another option. Most doctors do not give you much of an option. This has really worked for me. I am doing so much better now. I still watch my fat intake, but not as closely as before. And I haven't had an attack for months! I've been on it for 4 months now and it really is changing my life. So if surgery isn't your first choice go check it out. I hope that heps.