Friday, April 4, 2008

austin's quilt

Considering that the baby is not due until June I'm doing pretty good. I got the top of Austin's quilt done; it still needs a border but I like it. I hope he forgives me for the kitty with a pink bow; it is on a blue background though. The kitty fabric is also a scrap from the baby's great-great-grandma's fabric. There are 4 scraps from thrift store shirts that I bought just for the plaids to put in Brian's quilt. I bought 2 Chinese fabrics...well I should say oriental writing fabric since I can't tell Chinese writing from Japanese. I went into this trying to make a red, white, and blue-not patriotic and little bit Chinese baby quilt...and use mostly scraps; I think it fits the bill. The red blocks are what I call relaxed log cabin; I pull any size scrap from my scrap box and try to use it so the block is a bit skiwampus (is that a word?) and is then trimmed to the right size. The letters are made in a similar fashion, log cabinish. I've seen these letters made all over the web; here and here .
(Austin is Melissa and Eric's baby.)


Mel said...



That is an awesome quilt! Who is Auatin? You may want to fix the spelling....

I'll show this to Eric when he get's home tonight, he will love it!

Angela said...

Double Wow is right! This is way cool. It took me a minute to figure out what it said other than Austin but I'm not as slow as I look and eventually figured it out. I really love it though. Great job!

Liz said...

good job mama!