Monday, January 14, 2008

funeral quilt

There is an old tradition of making mourning _____ something. There's jewelry made out of their hair. There are quilts made out of their clothing. I remember one that I saw in a book of a weeping willow near the edge of a graveyard, with a fence and quilt blocks around the outside. Inside there were gravestones with the loved one's names and dates embroidered on. Often quilts were draped over the plain pine boxes that were used for caskets. Although it is not completely unheard of it is now uncommon to have a funeral quilt.
When my son was dying of cancer I got the center patches ready and at the funeral there were patches for the attendees to write a memory of Brian on. It is not finished. Brian died in 1999.
I remember one giddy moment when I was considering what to put with the patches, 'Should I use boy fabric or fabric he wouldn't be caught dead in?' Although it doesn't seem funny at all now, then probably due to stress I laughed. Finishing his quilt is often on my mind and I have bought several plaid shirts to use in his quilt.
(Andrew's arms weren't long enough to hold it the right way so you see his legs sticking out sideway's- it does look a little strange.)


Heidi ( said...

Thanks for sharing this information about funeral quilts. I hadn't heard of that before. I'm new to your blog and I didn't know about your son, very sorry to hear of his death in 1999. I do hope that some day soon you will be able to finish the cherished quilt in his memory.

Anonymous said...

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Laura ~all about pretty said...

Hi Laurie,

Popped over to see your thrift store finds but was touched by your quilt story. I lost a 34 yr old friend to cancer and it's a such a deeply hard thing to deal with that never really goes away, we just get a bit better at dealing with it. Creating this memory quilt is a beautiful idea.

God bless,

ps. what a great thing for your little 9yr old to be so interested in God's word. He's really got a head start on a great spiritual life, wish I would have started that young!!!

Mel said...

hey mom,

I'd like to see a crisp, close up, just to read a few of the memories, I'd forgotten about this quilt...