Thursday, April 3, 2008

poisonous snakes in texas

Last night was Webelos (9 and 10 year old cub scouts) I am the leader and they meet in my home. I pondered fixing what a poisonous snake looks like in their minds and decided that they should make snake cookies and frost them like a coral snake, (they are found in this area). They already knew the rhyme ; 'red on yellow kill a fellow, red on black venom lack'. (Although there is a 'red on black' snake in Central America that is venomous.)
After dying the frosting the red, yellow, and black I read about the snake... I should have dyed the frosting brown so they could have frosted a cottonmouth, copperhead, or rattlesnake since they are more dangerous than the coral, and more likely to be encountered. Although the coral is poisonous it has a very small mouth and very small teeth. To get enough venom to hurt you it would have to chew on you for awhile. I can't see that happening.
Anyway the boys enjoyed making, baking, frosting, and eating their snakes.

And I only had a small bite of Andrew's, I don't have much trouble staying away from sugar cookies. If it had been a chocolate chipper I couldn't have resisted.


Amy said...

What a fun idea. I bet they loved it!!!

Sue R said...

Boy, do I remember those days! We built an entire little camp with a campfire and foot bridge on a board about 18 inches square that was completely edible. Both my little Webelos grew up to be Eagles!

Liz said...

Looks delicious. Good job.

three buttons said...

My Mum was an Australian Scout leader. I was lucky enough to go on some camps with her but I don't remember being lucky enough to eat baked snake!

Angela x