Saturday, April 19, 2008

lemon ice-box cookies

These are the lemon icebox cookies that I spent 3 weeks hunting the ingredients for. The cookbook, said these were very easy and they were IF you could find the ingredients.
Pistachios, already unshelled so that I would use them only looked in 3 stores..
A specific cookie; that I found finally on the internet, I could purchase a case of them but that seems excessive even for me. Especially since I have never tasted them and I'm supposed to be dieting so I compromised with these almond cookies.
a specific lemon curd, found in the third grocery store the first week. And finally creme freche, an ingredient unknown to any grocery store around here. I looked it up on the internet and THEY (the very popular and all-knowing they) said that I could find it in FRANCE! So I made my own; heavy cream with 2 T. buttermilk and made like yogurt. So I thought I had ALL the ingredients and went to make it and I was missing the one simple, easy to find ingredient, a lemon. So 2 days laterI finally got my act together and it only took 3 weeks. EASY and YUMMY!

(Of course one of the kids didn't like them!)

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Maureen said...

You can substitute...

-pizelles for the cookie
-Any lemon curd, or make your own
-Trader Jo's Greek yoghurt

The point is mix it up quickly and freeze; we passed on the pistachios eventually when we made these as a group at 'canning camp.'