Saturday, March 1, 2008


Over at Judy's there is a quilting party; or a quiltathon that I just decided to participate in.
My husband and boys are gone camping today so this is a great day to quilt. Unfortunately they took the camera so I can't post pictures until they return this evening. Here are the projects I'm working on:

  1. Green baby quilt; top is finished, borders on, sandwiched and basic quilting done, binding done. I need to finish the quilting. I know you are confused, usually the binding goes on last but sometimes I do enough quilting to get the pins out, bind it and then do more quilting. The baby this is for is due in 2 weeks. So although the front is to be a surprise I WILL FINISH THE QUILTING TODAY.
  2. Start a baby quilt for the grandson due in June.
  3. Work on the plan for the wedding quilt for the parents of #1. I give myself 5 years to get them their wedding quilt but they have been married over a year and it is time. I got their siblings done in 3 years so I guess I only have 2 more years to do this one. After reading so many blogs I think I am very slow at making these quilts but I have to stop and make baby quilts as the grandkids are born. :) Hey, I CAN post a picture of the other wedding quilts I have made! My daughter made the bed!

noon check-in
I went to the gym.
I exercised.
I stopped at an estate sale :)
I bought 3 blue and white plates.
I stopped at our quilt shop.
I bought nothing, but then spent an hour looking on line and calling other quilt shops looking for Laura Lee Fritz's newer books. I'm using the 2 books I have for the quilting on quilt #1.
So I'm quiting on that quilt until I can get the books. I'll order them as soon as I get finished writing my check-in. (I just figured out why I can't get her new books. They are not yet published. Release date is May 13!)
I ripped out the quilting I did on the green quilt (#1) last night.

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JudyL said...

Love the quilts you've shared. Hope you get lots of quilting time this weekend.