Sunday, March 2, 2008

for mel

So I started a new quilt last night. Not one on my need to do soon list even. My grown daughter is giving a lesson in church this morning about 'be true'. So I did a quilt block to illustrate 'be true.' Very difficult to do since I can draw very few things sooo I did a flower/seed packet since seeds are always true to their.... genes?

I wanted the SEEDS to be subtle but the running stitch made it a little too subtle. So maybe wrapping the running stitch will work or doing it in black or in outline? What do you think?

There are 9 be's to illustrate with a quilt block. But she'll only need one a month, so I'll have plenty of time to design the next one.


Kyla said...

OMG that is so pretty, I love that idea. The flower is so great. Good luck on the next one.
Have a great day

Mel said...

Oh that is so pretty!!!!! I wish I had it for church this morning!! Or at least known about it, so I could have said something. I love the flower!