Saturday, March 22, 2008


I learned something about myself this week; I will even do housework instead of preparing a talk for church. I was asked to speak on the Atonement for 15 minutes tomorrow 3 weeks ago. The last couple of days were crunch time and I actually cleaned my bedroom and 2 bathrooms and the kitchen and the living room. Now, some of those rooms are often clean but with me gone for a week they were in pretty bad shape, but cleaning my room is BIG. I moved 3 dressers, a set of shelves, and ALL the stuff off the floor (except for a few things in my husband's corner) and only have 1 of my three dressers to clean off. (Everyone laughs at me for having 5 dressers in my room but 2 of them ARE really nightstands, well someone else might call them dressers but they fit next to the bed and are used as night stands....)
(The camera is still camping so no pictures.)


Mel said...

Momma, you are sooo funny! So... to get a clean house, just ask the bishop to assign a talk! (I don't think I will try that myself)

Sue R said...

I found your blog recently and am very much enjoying your humor. So, how did the speech go?

Liz said...

sounds like finals week.. i will never have that again!