Friday, March 21, 2008

my birthday

This year my birthday fell on Idaho, I mean I was in Idaho on my birthday, away from my husband and young children, but I had my 3 older children with me and all of my grandchildren, so it was great.
One thing I did right when I was young was to cook with my kids and teach them how to make pasta. I hardly ever make homemade pasta anymore but all 3 of the older kids do. So Reed came over and made 3 pounds of fettuccine and we worked together on the sauce. One of my gifts from Melissa had been a can of smoked salmon; so we made a white sauce with butter! onion, garlic, 2 cans of smoked salmon, and Parmesan cheese. It was delicious and we ate all of it. We also ate the salad that The Pioneer Woman Cooks posted the week before. Let me tell you, although very good her recipe makes enough to feed the whole congregation at church. The only thing large enough to mix it in at Liz's house was a tall kitchen garbage bag; I promise it was a new one. We ate it for 3 days and there was enough for a family meal when I left. We used the smaller amount too; for example when she said to use 1/2-1 head of cabbage we used 1/2. I decided to not put the cilantro in the salad dressing thinking we might have some left over, (didn't, and should have tripled the dressing recipe) . The first day there was only one bunch of cilantro in the salad; the second day I added the second and it tasted so fabulous. We added some chicken to it for our lunch the second day and loved it. I'm fixing an adaptation of it for Easter; cutting way back on the amounts since the boys won't eat it. Hey go over to Pioneer Woman cooks for a picture and the recipe.

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