Friday, February 29, 2008

chocolate mint

Several years ago I discovered Russell Stovers French Chocolate mint candy bar. I loved that bar. I knew which stores had it and would go out of my way to get one. I especially loved unwrapping it and putting it on a plate and softening it in the microwave for a few seconds. YUM! NOW, however there are NO stores in my area that sells ANY of the French chocolate mint products. I was probably the only consumer in my area and when I quit purchasing them there was no longer any demand here and now I can't find them anywhere!
One time I splurged and bought myself a box of the individual mints. When I got home I
realized that they were not in the best condition. They had obviously melted a bit in the box so I called their customer service center and complained; then ate all the chocolates anyway. They sent me a box in the mail PLUS a coupon for another box to purchase at the store.
I've NEVER had a boyfriend surprise me with a box of chocolates but WOW it was really a boost when a strange man (the UPS guy) knocks on your door and hands you a box of chocolates! They had packaged it in a Styrofoam cooler and included a frozen cooler pack but it was still a bit soft, but did I care? No, they tasted great anyway and that is when I discovered that I loved them a bit soft.
When a local grocery store went out of business I bought all 10 of their boxes of mints and served them at our first daughter's wedding. I could not believe it when they weren't all eaten, if I'd been near the table I would have eaten half of them! My son and future daughter in law packaged everything up and hid put them in the freezer. The next day I looked and looked for them and NEVER FOUND THEM! About a year later my darling younger daughter admitted to finding them and over the course of the next few weeks eating ALL of them.
I am still bitter.


Liz said...

I was just saving you from yourself. I didn't really mean to not share them it just kinda happened. :)

Ms. Porter said...

I've never had them, and of course you already know that I love chocolate mint. Your daughter is really beautiful, what a nice photo. Speaking of photos...they are a comin I promise! Mouse has an ear infection and it looks like Bug is a bit under the weather because she's napped two days in a row (not such a bad thing), she hasn't napped in many months.