Monday, January 7, 2008

snowflake bracelet

Here is my completed snowflake bracelet. Today was my last shopping trip to find discounted snowflakes for the bracelets I want to make next year. I revamped mine yesterday and took off some of my duplicated snowflakes and put on the one's I got on my trip.
These I found a Kohl's today They had more than any other store I've found but they were also the most expensive. These earrings were on sale for 70% off but were still $3. The Wal-Mart one's were $2.50 when they were full price.
My bracelet has 12 different snowflakes and it should have 13 dangly blue and clear crystals. Unfortunately I did not build it as carefully as I should have and a couple have fallen off. I have gone around and tightened the jump rings on the remaining but haven't gotten out my crystals to replace the missing 2.

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Annie said...

Love the snowflake earrings! They are so cute! Your quilt is so lovely.