Friday, January 4, 2008

more Christmas quilts

Here's my large Road to Oklahoma. It is not finished. It looks finished because I basted it well and quilted it in the ditch and then bound it so I could use it. Now it needs the border and more detailed quilting done. This IS a 'Work in Snail Pace'.This is another exchange I did with quilting friends in Baytown, TX not long before I moved; 12 years ago. It is another WISP. The in the ditch quilting down the sashing is finished and it is bound but each block 'needs' alot of quilting. I like them densely quilted. I have about 6 of these 8" blocks finished.
I did the Santa's for a friend; Sherry. My exchange block was the Ohio Star; I did some Churn Dash, and 1 Log Cabin. I made: 1;6 (row 1 block 6) 3;6, 4;1, 5;6, 6;2, 6;3, 7;4, 8;3. From looking at an enlargement of the quilt I can see that 7;5 and 3;4 are quilted. So I have a lot of quilting to do on this quilt still.

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