Thursday, January 10, 2008


Way back in November I teased you about some things my mother and the boys were making and then never posted a picture of them. So here's the pictures;
We made icicles and salt clay stars covered with glitter and some letters or words.
Grandma crocheted some snowflakes;

Salt clay ornaments are what I put on my tree for years until they all broke. It was fun to work with the boys on these. Grandma bought a bunch of beads and then we dug through my collection to make the icicles. Some of the beads are glow in the dark beads, and some are left over from Liz's wedding. I tied a ribbon with the year and the initials of each artist on the ribbon. (If you spread clear finger nail polish over the area you want to write, the ink doesn't spread.)
(I'm still finding the occasional glitter.)


Liz said...

Who did you give the red ones too? These are really pretty. Thanks for the ones I got!

bj said...

Oh, these are just lovely!