Wednesday, November 14, 2007

pumpkin roll

I failed! It crossed my mind about 10:30 last night that I hadn't blogged but then it quickly left due to my exhausted brain being unable to keep simple tasks in it. I went to bed. I slept and practically my first thought this morning was, 'You forgot to blog!'
I baked Libby's pumpkin roll yesterday, that cream cheese filling is great. I substituted low-fat cream cheese for the full fat version but then proceeded to put in the amount of butter it called for, so I don't think I shaved off very many calories.
I'm anxious to try these sticky buns from tartelette before my excuse (my parents) to cook really yummy food leave. Alas I probably won't get to it since they leave tomorrow and I get to bake 4 dozen cookies today for a Scout Court of Honor.
I made our favorite chicken pot pie last night. I cheated and thawed a sheet of puff pastry to put on top instead of a pie crust. I liked the chewiness of it but of course it probably added 200 calories. Roger only ate the stuff left in the frying pan than had no pastry over it :) This summer Andrew and I found recipe for a restaurant's chicken pot pie.. no wonder they claim every one loved their pie, it was made with heavy cream and butter!
My Mother has been busy making a few Christmas ornaments for my grown kids while she's been here and I've been busy helping her. It's still a secret though or I'd post pictures. If you really can't stand not knowing, you could call my sister, she knows!
I was determined to get ONE velour pillow made, but ran out of ball fringe.. I have get to go to Hobby Lobby again to get the 2 inches I need! I'm working on the pink one. The one that won't fit in any family members' home, so sad, I'll have to put it in Etsy.
I bought yarn for another pair of mittens but am not sure that a 'under 2 grandchild' has big enough hands to keep these mittens on.... so I guess I'll wait he'll still need mittens at 5. I really enjoyed making them. Maybe there is some adult out there with a NEED for WARM mittens? I think I'll make them and then decide who gets them.

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Liz said...

Mom- you are crazy "I forgot to blog!" I totally need credit for your new addiction (not sure if it's a good thing or not) But I forced you to make this blog so future profits should go to me!