Saturday, January 12, 2008

spoiled mama

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I get cold! Then I can't get warm so over the years I have solved the problem mostly with hot baths. Sometimes that doesn't work or I'm to tired to take one. It wouldn't be so bad; I mean I would only complain a tiny teeny little bit IF I could sleep. But when I get cold I cannot sleep until I get warm, not just barely warm I need to be toasty warm. This causes some problems; I have to be toasty warm to go to sleep but if I stay toasty warm I wake up with a headache and sick to my stomach. The electric blanket worked well once I figured out to turn it on high while I got ready for bed then turn it down low when I got in. But the electric blanket died after only one year of use.
I bought a heating pad and used it to heat my feet, my back, my chest; I just moved it around for about 15 minutes until I settled it on my feet and then went to sleep; the electric pad automatically turned off after an hour. But the heating pad died while in Idaho this Christmas, I would have bought a new one but I kept forgetting. When in Denver my Mother and husband heated towels on the small upstairs furnace and put them on my feet and chest; heating them, removing them and replacing them with more warm towels until I was warm. It was wonderful, but a bit labor intensive and I can't expect that kind of attention every time. (She told me that sometimes while her Father was ill his family would do this all night for him.) The next night we located those wonderful herb and rice? or millet? filled cloth bags that heat in the microwave that my Mother and sister already had and heated those before going to bed. Wonderful. But they stayed in Denver. (After reading this article I will be making myself some corn bags soon.)
While in Idaho my son offered to do what he does for his wife. Put the bedding in the dryer for 20 minutes. BLISS! PERFECT! I got all toasty warm and the extra warmth dissipated slowly. What a husband! What a son! I felt loved and spoiled. So I did it for myself last night. WONDERFUL! I was soon in the land of Nod.

The pictures for this posting I pulled from the Internet, since my dd told me she hadn't read one of my postings because it had NO pictures! ;)...(and I figured out how to do it.)

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Angela said...

Reed is pretty good like that isn't he? I really have the best husband I could have imagined. Sure he's totally not perfect but a day doesn't go by that I'm not grateful for his parents and how well they worked raising him. You did great. You really did. Anyway that dryer idea was a gift from Heaven and we do it pretty frequently when it gets really cold!