Friday, January 4, 2008

visiting baytown

Last night I got to go to a wedding reception in a town we moved away from 12 years ago. Michael Jensen is getting married to a girl from Peru. (Yes, it is a bit different; they didn't call it a reception, it was a dinner to honor the 2 that are getting married next week in the Salt Lake Temple-then having a reception there; then having another one in Peru in May if they get her visa's in order. She can't leave the country until it is in order so she can come back in.) He is in his 1st year of law school. I saw Lance Brunson also, he is in law school. Lance and Michael were the same age as Brian; part of the fairly large Deacon's quorum that Brian was president of for a short time before we moved. Both boys are so tall, handsome, thin and righteous (okay, Lance is not tall but Michael is tall enough for both of them). Tomorrow is Marcus Milligan's reception. Do we go to that too?

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Mel said...

Wow, Marcus is getting married? I remember when he was a boy scout and painted himself (accidently?) a lot while painting the canoe trailer... and had to take a bath in gasoline or terpentine or something... ouch!