Sunday, January 6, 2008

marshmallow dreams

I think that my husband and sister are in cahoots with each other.
I have been wanting to make marshmallows for a very long time, maybe 5 years, I hesitated (that's a long hesitation) since I live in a very humid climate and I thought it would affect them. So while I was in Idaho for Christmas I thought it would be an ideal time to try it. Christmas Eve came around and I had my husband get the ingredients. There was no unflavored gelatin at
Wal-Mart and I didn't want it bad enough to send him all over a strange town looking for it. But when I got home I decided to make them since I had NEVER had them or made them before and I had all the ingredients. Later I called my sister and while telling her about my sweet exercise she tells me that I had made them and given her some at Easter time 30 years ago. They were egg shaped and covered in chocolate. She thought they were delicious.
I thought she was delirious.
Tonight I offered Roger some (he was sick yesterday so I saved some for him to taste). He said the same thing, that I had made them before.
Now I thought I had a reasonably good mind and I know a little about learning things. If you read about something you may not remember it. If you hear something you may not remember it. But the more senses involved the more likely you are to remember it. So here I see a recipe and read it; vision, I made them; touch, I ate them; taste, I heard compliments about them, (maybe); hearing. I still have NO recollection of it, NaDa not one cell of my brain has retained that experience. So I figure if I had kept a journal that would have been the missing link to my brain and I would have remembered it. Or at least I could prove that my husband and sister are collaborating to convince me of my EOA (Early Onset Alsheimers).

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Heidi ( said...

lOl I don't know how I ended up way over here on your blog but you have me laughing... I keep accussing my husband of the same thing... For instance... I went to take a picture of my 12 pink plastic bridesmaids (the one shown on the red tray on my blog)... When I went for the bridemaids they were divided in two sets of six surrounding two candles I have on my dinng table. I did NOT do that. I asked Mark (the only other person in the house) and he said I was going luny, that he didn't do it! I said, I just put these here yesterday and I didn't divide them in two equal sets of six, and make them surround the candles so pretty. I would remember doing that. He thinks I'm crazy and I think he's messin' with my brain! (I'm turning 50 in few months and he thinks that's funny). So, I'm laughing 'cuz I think maybe people really DO THESE mind tricks on us! LOL Sorry to be so long!