Sunday, December 2, 2007


I am the mother of 4 boys and yesterday and Friday was my first experience with cuboree. Sorry, Reed and Brian whenever papers came about cuboree I automatically said, sorry, we're too busy. We were but we may have been able to fit it in. The program is really great for the boys and camping with them and their parents was a fun experience. Someone else was in charge of Friday night dinner. I did NOTHING. The MAN brought me dinner, it wasn't on a silver charger but I felt like a queen being waited on. I didn't even do any clean-up. I did help put the tent up; but not much, the same man came over and helped my son, 10, put the tent up. I had unloaded the car and put a lot of the stuff on a cart but then one of the men pulled the cart to the campsite for me. (I should mentions here that all 4 of us were camping this weekend but unfortunately in 3 different parts of Texas. Roger had a rock-climbing training for certification camp-out. Jeffrey had a boy scout campout and Andrew and I had cuboree.) Another positive; the weather was perfect for camping. Cool and Comfortable. We even appreciated a fire first thing in the morning.
Enough positives! I was miserable! So what did I learn?
  1. Don't commit to taking any walk over 20 yards at any time. My arthritis kicked in and every step was painful.
  2. When you are used to sleeping with 3 pillows take 3 pillows. I slept--- well not at all. I was not cold; we ended up with 3 sleeping bags, so I had one under me and one on top of me.
  3. When you know you should take an air mattress but decide it is too much trouble, take it anyway. You really do need to sleep before coping with a bunch of kids.
  4. When you consider putting a lawn chair near the restroom and sleeping there all night realize that that was inspiration; not just a silly notion.
  5. Never arrive to a campsite after dark. The restroom was a looong ways away but in the morning I found one much closer, the other direction.
  6. I could really use a GPS. (Would a GPS keep you from getting lost going from your campsite to the bathroom in the dark?)
  7. You don't have to stand in line to take a shower at 4 a.m.
  8. Check out the nozzle situation before getting undressed. In fact check out the nozzle situation as soon as arriving in camp then your dreams of a long hot shower will not be made. The shower I chose had NO shower head and the water only came out in 15-30 second streams. It was warm but not very.
  9. 5 paper towels is enough to dry an adult body, unless you shampoo your hair.
  10. Palmolive dish soap lathers up very well and is very difficult to wash off your body.
  11. If there is a stick a boy will pretend it is a sword. If there is a stick a boy will poke the fire with it. If there is a stick 2 boys will fight over it. (I actually saw 2 young children in a wagon fight over a small rock and didn't give up until Mom promised to pick up the next rock for the poor deprived child being pulled up a grassy hill by said Mother).
  12. I'm thankful that this was my last cuboree!
Hey, not a bad bit of knowledge to gain during one weekend!


Angela said...

So I should totally plan on Reed being the one to take the boys? :)

Mel said...

So is Injured Benny about to get clobbered on by 2 other boys? Or did he just pop his head into the middle of a fight?