Thursday, November 22, 2007


Technically I missed posting another day, but I haven't gone to bed yet so it still counts as Thursday. Our dinner was great, I had a great helper in Andrew (10). Roger and Jeffrey were working on a science fair project a good deal of the day, but helped at the end. Then I took a nap and the 'boys' did a fabulous job on the clean-up. Really, the kitchen is cleaner than it has been in months! We did not go overboard calorie wise either. One piece of pie with nonfat topping. My crust was the best! Actually I usually cheat and buy my crust, this time I didn't. I probably won't buy my crust again...well, at least for 20 years.

Tomorrow is black Friday and I NEVER go shopping then. I'm thinking of changing my ways and venture out to Best Buy for a flat screen monitor. I REALLY want more desk space.

One of my adult mittens is finished. Remember the book; The Mitten? My mitten is like that one after all the animals leave. It is huge! Can't wait to finish the partner and then felt them.

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Angela said...

Though its too late best buy is a NO-NO on black friday. If you still want a monitor let me know. I got one yesterday for $99 after coupons, 19-inch lcd. Anyway let me know and I'll help you get a deal.