Wednesday, November 21, 2007

free hands

I have noticed a side effect of some of my hobbies. Reading-you have a hand free to move food to your mouth. Cleaning house (actually can't call this a hobby) but your walk through the house and pass food, that goes into your mouth. Piecing quilts-you often stop and change activities, an ideal time to grab at least a handful of m&m's. Scrapbooking-again since you stop and start you have the opportunity to eat. Blogging-not so much; it takes me 2 hands to type. Knitting- again with the 2 hands and it interrupts the flow to put your yarn down and you might get your hands dirty! So if I keep up the knitting and the blogging I'm bound to loose a few ounces over the next few months.
Thanksgiving is here. I am queen of the last minute. I planned a bit this year, actually started thinking about it Sunday. We have rarely been able to have family over for Thanksgiving and I get a little sad about it. But my husband has a good job and I'm able to stay home with my kids. For years we had good friends that we took turns at each others houses' for Thanksgiving. When we moved away 12 years ago Thanksgiving was our saddest holiday because we had been consistent in that tradition. Now most of our kids have left home and are not in a position to make the trek here. This year it is just us four. I didn't even invite anyone and I usually do... I just kept putting it off.
I think tomorrow will be easier to finish the dinner than other years. The mushrooms for the relish tray are ready. I have a dressing kit in the fridge, it only needs the eggs and bread. The sweet potatoes are ready for the oven. The mashed potatoes are ready for the oven. The rolls are ready for the oven. So I have chestnuts to roast for the dressing, 1 pumpkin pie to make while the turkey cooks, green beans to fix, and a fruit salad to throw together. The boys will set the table and fix the relish tray and make the lemonade. We'll be done early and then we can get the 2 small feather trees out of the attic and decorate for Christmas!
Hope everyone takes the time to think about their blessings. Their country; their ancestors, family and friends. We all have much to be thankful for.

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