Tuesday, October 16, 2007

velour couch pillows

I do tend to go overboard; this is no surprise to some of you. Years ago I took J. shopping for a new shirt, he was only about 2. He really fell in love with the feel of a little pink velour shirt. I did not buy it for him but since then I have tried to give him things with the same feel. No shirts for him to wear but I found a soft stripped shirt at the thrift store and made him a pillow for his bed. Then I found a gold one and made one to go on the couch, and since it was so plain I added an S to the middle and a fringe on the edge. I had a green one on the couch for awhile but discovered that it didn't hold it's shape very well, so I took it apart and added piping; it's my favorite 'to feel' pillow. Are you following me? Yesterday the thrift store had all their sale items marked down to $1.00 so I bought 5 velour items. Today I sat down and picked the tags out of them, and cut a sample of fabric to take to the store with me and measured so I would know what size pillow forms to get (I had a couple items purchased last year also). I HAVE ENOUGH VELOUR FOR 21! 21! PILLOWS! I really have to get an ETSY shop. Put your 2 cents in and try to talk me into making one for you. I have pale pink, rose, lime green, red, plumy red, brown, bright velvety navy, burgundy, dark cottony navy, teal, black, cranberry plaid, and a blue/green/black plaid. The sizes will be as small as 7 inches to 18--but probably 16, I think the 18 in velour would be too big.
If I did an ETSy shop I'd need to do generic words on them. I really like the letter. The pale pink could be 'cute' or 'princess' although that is a bit long, how about 'pink'? or 'love' or 'baby'?


Angela said...

You could leave it blank and let the buyer choose a letter.

amandajean said...

those velour pillows are super cute! I like the quilt behind it as well.