Wednesday, November 14, 2007

chocolate cookies

DS12 asked me to make 4 dozen cookies for the Court of Honor he's in charge of (He asked the other mother's to bring 2 dozen-guess you can tell who's cookies he likes best:o)) so I decided to double my regular batch, then grandad said jokingly to triple the batch. Guess how many cookies I got? There's 26 rows of 8 with a remainder of 5 cookies in each row. (Do YOU remember your multiplication facts?) Then since my cookie recipe used 6 egg yolks I had six egg whites so that meant I got had to make MORE cookies to use up the whites. The Joy of Cooking that I have had for 30+years has a cocoa kisses cookie that I made for the first time in 1987! That's 20 years ago. I love these cookies AND there is no FAT in them so you can EAT MORE! (6 egg whites made 74 more cookies.)

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Mel said...

dear mother,

I think you should mail your extra cookies to me....