Thursday, November 29, 2007

snowflakes bracelet

I have an idea... I have a Christmas bracelet that I love that is red and green.. I wear it alot but..... I really NEED a holiday bracelet that is blue. Sooo using the green and red one as a pattern I went to hobby lobby and bought some silver beads and clear ones. But couldn't find any snowflakes.

Wal-Mart had this beauty (Yeah! it has crystals, or rhinestones, or diamonds? anyway it sparkles.) I could only get one. My friends suggested I mention to my kids and that would give them an idea for Christmas... so there's an idea for y'all, any snowflake; silver. (Have you ever tried to take a photo of your own neck? With a close-up lens I got my chin, my hand, half of the snowflake, so had to wait until ds10 got home.)

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