Wednesday, November 14, 2007

gray cookies

About 2 years ago Jeffrey asked me to make some cookies. He was very specific; he wanted 'those gray cookies I used to make.' I was sure he was wrong. 'I have never made gray cookies; who has ever heard of such a thing?' We kept talking about it and every time I made cookies he'd ask me why I didn't make the 'gray cookies?'
Last July while, visiting in Idaho, my son made homemade pasta. Homemade pasta uses egg yolks and leaves the whites to be made into a nasty cholesterol free omelet or these yummy cocoa kisses. So I did a recipe search and came up with something close to our Joy of Cooking recipe. Bingo! Jeffrey identified them as the 'gray cookies' he'd been asking for. (Our daughter, still at home then, did not like cocoa kisses so I had not made them for a loooong time.) an interesting side note is that I made the cookies to take to my niece's house for dinner. I showed them to her and they disappeared. Her kids never saw them. My kids came to me privately and asked me what happened to the cookies (they had had some before going to the dinner). I was very happy that they didn't show on the buffet since my niece has few foods she can eat due to Crones disease and evidently I found her a cookie she could handle!

This is a song my Mother sings for Halloween. I didn't teach my kids Halloween songs but here is hers;
I'm a mean old witch with a hat
and I ride on my broom with my cat
my nose is pointed and my chin is too
and if you don't watch out, I will get you! (hug) boo!

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