Friday, November 9, 2007

can cozy

As I was opening my Gmail account this morning I was thinking that I really shouldn't bother since it was obvious I had no friends; that I wrote in a blog for my own entertainment. I was pleased and surprised that there were 2 comments! So, I am not just ranting on and on to myself. I have gotten better at leaving comments on others blogs because of it.
I actually have a goal to leave one comment every time I sit down and read any blogs.
Lately reading my blog you would wonder if I really was a quilter. So I have to write a quilty blog. I cut all my velour dresses/skirts/shirts into pillow kits (about 21 pillows). The main reason I was so anxious to get them cut up was to get the scraps to experiment with. I already made this:
but it has some obvious problems. it is too bulky, I used 2 layers of batting, the Velcro had to be attached by hand (because the batting made it too bulky) and I lined it with denim, mistake number 1. I LOVE the way it feels when I drink my slim-fast, I LOVE that my hands don't get cold. The Velcro makes it versatile enough to move it to a water bottle after breakfast. I think it would be worth while to work with and see if I can improve my design. Velour is stretchy and a pain to sew, so should I starch it before sewing?
Inquiring minds want to know.


Liz said...

Clever.. hard to tell what it was at first. But looks good

bj said...

A very neat it does feel good to the hands!

Anonymous said...

I am your friend but I don't blog. i love reading yours though. I love your cozy but it does look BIG. it does look a little diferent than I had pictured it. pls